December 29, 2014 “Thanks again Joni, I appreciate your understanding in regards to my confusion with the Groupon. You went above and beyond to help me out! Thanks again for your service and your hospitality. Travis”
December 26, 2014 “Lovely client sitting area, neat, spotless, genuinely warm welcome by Joni, and very professional.”
Susan Y., Square
December 17, 2014 "Go back. Joni is amazing, helpful, and thorough."
Groupon customer
December 16, 2014 "Hi Joni, it was such a pleasure to meet you this morning.  You made an awkward first-timer into a brazilian believer. :)
I was wondering if you have a recommendation as to where I can find the oil you used- macadamia nut oil? I loved the lightness and nutty scent.  My skin gets quite dry when it's cold and I thought it would be great to add to my routine when necessary.
Thanks again,
December 16, 2014 "The best waxing experience for the last 3 years!"
Jenya N.
December 12, 2014 "I never appreciated your artistry as much as I did today!  I'll be seeing you immediately on my return."
Margo G.
December 8, 2014 
I love it!! I am so pleased with the color (lash and brow tint).
I hope it lasts for awhile.
I will make my appointment for January."
Andrea C.
December 7, 2014 "Fantastic wax!"
Lyssia, 5 stars, Yelp
December 6, 2014 "Thank you Joni! for the recommendations and also my skin looks and feels so much better.  Thank you!"
Kristiana K. 
December 3, 2014 "Joni seems very professional."
Freda S., Square
November 23, 2014 "I've had two facials and my brows waxed at Silkface, and I really can't say enough good things about it.  Joni is deeply knowledgeable, warm and friendly, gentle, and highly professional.  Nothing is "one size fits all," but instead she puts together a facial that is appropriate for your particular skin and for the particular season.  It's also such a clean, comfortable environment, with a heated massage table to lie on, relaxing music, and delicious smelling products (which she never pushes you to buy).  If you want expert skin care, this is the place to go."
Theresa D., 5 stars, Yelp
November 9, 2014 "Always the best!!!!  Thanks!"
Valerie T.
November 2, 2014 "Joni has a wonderfully warm energy about her that immediately sets you at ease. She is a true professional who really knows her business and does excellent work. I went to her for a brazilian wax and she was incredibly thorough and very knowledgeable about aftercare and skin in general. Highly recommend!"
Amelia J., 5 stars, Yelp
September 24, 2014 "I was very impressed with her knowledge, thoroughness and the cleanliness of her space. Will definitely recommend to my friends."
September 5, 2014 "I first found Joni when she was working at Fancy Salon on Division. She was the first person in Oregon who knew ANYTHING about shaping eyebrows. When she left the salon, I got her contact information and followed her to Silkface. The location was semi-convenient, and I never get ticketed for parking by the dry cleaners next door. Her room in the house has moved to a larger, brighter space in the back and I hope she does well there. All of her business is by appointment and probably a lot by referral, so I try to tell my friends about her."
Erika T., 5 stars, Yelp
July 23, 2014 "I went to Silkface for a brazillian. Joni made everything SO comfortable and so nice it was not at all stressful like I thought it would be (it was my first time waxing anything). She is extremely knowledgeable about everything having to do with skin care and the body, and made everything very understandable. I've referred two people to her already because she made everything so comfortable."
Emilie W., 5 stars, Yelp
July 19, 2014 "Thanks @silkface for the best #facial I've had in #Portland. (On Hawthorne, highly recommended!) Theresa Deussen, Twitter
July 7, 2014 "Thanks Joni, I am extremely satisfied! I look forward to seeing you again!"
Reina B Abolofia
June 26, 2014 "I was extremely satisfied. I gave you a rave review on Google.  I really enjoyed myself and I will be back.  Thank you again for everything."
"Joni was not just knowledgeable but she was very sweet and made me feel comfortable after i told her it was my first time waxing. She answered all of my questions and told me exactly what she was using and doing. The facial was the most relaxed I have felt in a very long time, even better than a body massage. It was like napping but being awake at the same time. Joni called that "bliss" and I have to agree. I WILL be going back. She values a natural approach to skin care and sent me on my way with more knowledge of my skin than I had before I came in."

Sefra N., 5 stars Google

June 12, 2014 "Thank you Joni...you're the best as usual.  See you soon!"
June 11, 2014 "Joni is amazing! It'd been awhile since I'd had a wax so I was expecting a lot of pain. She really put me at ease and her technique was very gentle. It was one of the least painful waxes I have had. She also gave me tip to improve my skins health."
Stefanie B.
May 30, 2014 "Thank you so much Joni...as usual, you're amazing!"
Valerie T.
May 14, 2014 "Hi Joni, Very satisfied, a time of not a care in the world. Thank you."
Susan Yule
March 21, 2014 "I can't believe it took me so long to write this. Joni is amazing. I have been getting waxed for a long time and she does the job right. She has different types of wax (not all waxes work well for my skin, so having options is wonderful), very professional, very thorough, and a very comfortable atmosphere. If you want to just chill, there is a television on the ceiling (very convenient) or conversations with Joni are great as well. She is very sweet and you can tell she takes her work seriously. She's the real deal and knows her stuff! I would highly recommend giving her a try."
Sesha S., 5 stars, Yelp
January 17, 2014 "First time waxer and I decided to go all the way and get a Brazilian and my legs done. I was really nervous and worried about feeling embarrassed.
As many others have said, Joni makes you feel so comfortable and is very understanding. She has a nice set up and even has a tv with netflix mounted on the ceiling, the distraction really helps. 
The waxing itself didn't agree with me, I healed well however and for anyone willing to go that extra mile in their beauty and health regiment this is a great place to go. 
Joni is so great, I want to come back for a facial sometime."
Nicole H., 5 stars, Yelp
October 22, 2013 "Excellent experience! Rarely have I ever been more relaxed AFTER a Brazilian wax! Joni was great super professional and warming. I will definitely become a regular here!"
Sheena I.
October 21, 2013 "Great service."
Kerry M.
October 7, 2013 "Joni is an amazing esthetician. She is incredibly knowledgeable and caring for her clients. This was not a stop in and get out visit to get waxed. She talked me through the entire process, answered all of my questions, and was just a wonderful woman to speak with. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for waxing, and I already have to all my friends. I finally found someone to keep seeing for my waxing needs."
Sarah C.
October 7, 2013 "Had a great experience getting my first wax, the space is beautiful,quiet and relaxing. She was very friendly and profesional. I could not be happier, I would recommend to anyone and everyone."
Katherine W.
October 2, 2013 "I had a fantastic experience! Joni was wonderful and I will definitely be going back!"
Lyndsay C.
September 30, 2013 "very nice work and professional caring she is a nice person does a good job"
Victoria S.
September 27, 2013 "Wonderful experience. I am definitely going back."
Sheila W.
September 20, 2013 
"Thanks Joni! It was great... No irritation or anything. See you in a few weeks!
September 18, 2013 "Joni was amazing. Best Brazilian experience I've ever had."
Karen R.
September 18, 2013 "Joni was great, and did a very good job!"
Yuliya K.
September 15, 2013 "Great lady, I will be going back."
September 9, 2013 "Amazing experience! Will definitely go back. Thank you!!"
Groupon customer
September 9, 2013
"Hi Joni,
Thanks again for a wonderful skin consultation and facial. My skin feels great and I'm loving the sample products you gave me- you are right, the Rosehip seed oil is magical! I've already recommended you to my two close friends.
I was wondering you could tell me the price and availability of the products, I would like to come in some time soon to purchase some.
Thank you!"
Cheryl P.
September 5, 2013 "My face feels amazing- I'm so excited to work with you and get my skin to a better place."
July 31, 2013 
Thank you so much for the services yesterday… I was very pleased with the results, and I really appreciated your knowledge and experience. I look forward to seeing you next month! 
Thank you, 
July 10, 2013 "I can't recommend Joni enough.  I first went for a facial and she was so kind and understanding and made me feel comfortable talking about somewhat embarrassing issues. I have since gone for lash tinting and brow waxing/tinting.  Both services far exceeded anything I've had from other estheticians.  In previous lash tintings the dye has gotten in my eyes every time, so I thought that was normal. Well, Joni didn't get ANY dye into my eyes and there was no stinging at all. Also, in previous brow tintings I've come out looking crazy because the dye was way too dark for my complexion. Not with Joni, she blended it to look natural right from the get go.  Another big plus, and I kid you not, the waxing didn't hurt AT ALL.  I've been getting brow waxes for years and years from various places and they have always hurt, at least a little. Not with Joni! I could hardly believe she even took any hair off.  So, in closing, she seems to be perfect at everything she does. I'm so happy I finally found Silkface!"
Marcella F., 5 stars, Yelp
July 1, 2013 "Joni is amazing! I just went to her on a whim for a groupon deal I got last year. I get a brazillian wax once a month now! She is in business with herself, has a single room that is so cozy. You can watch TV if you want which is sometimes a nice distraction. She is also so flexible with her schedule and is very willing to work around my crazy life and book last minute appointments. Honestly, Joni is just a genuine person who does her job very very well. I drive 30 minutes out of my way now (just moved to Vancouver) just to go to her. Definitely recommend!"
Rachel R., 5 stars, Yelp
June 7, 2013 "Thanks for the fabulously detailed wax, Joni!  Have a great weekend,
April 4, 2013 "Thanks so much for all of the skin care suggestions! I really appreciate your help! I will be sure to pick up those products, and hopefully see some improvement:)
Thank you again, 

February 17, 2013 "I enjoyed it, too, Joni. Thanks so much."  Carmen Farmer

February 10, 2013 "Thank you so much! It was a great facial, and I really appreciate all your feedback on products I could use."  Erika Wilde

February 16, 2013 "Thanks for a lovely treatment. I look forward to coming back again." Groupon customer
February 5, 2013 "I've been waxing (Brazilian) for 5 years.  This was the best waxing experience I've ever had!  She knows her stuff.  I was completely distracted by the TV mounted on the ceiling playing Ted Talks!  I had no ingrown hairs.  I made a return apointment right away." by Clarity Sanderson, Living Social
January 31, 2013 "Thanks—I enjoyed meeting you and was very much relaxed by the treatment!"  Carolyn Mata

January 27, 2013 "The owner was very nice!" by Elizabeth Lysenko, Living Social

January 19, 2013 "I have a medical condition that will not allow me to get waxed.  Bummer!  They could not have been nicer to deal with." by Susan Sampson, Living Social
January 18, 2013 "Loved the place!  Very calm and relaxing.  Plan on trying other services .  Will highly recommend this establishment." Groupon customer
January 16, 2013 "Joni, It was heavenly. You have such a calming presence. Would never know it wasn't a life long attribute."  Susan Yule
January 11, 2013 "So far, the best wax of my life! Thank you! You are truly an expert!!"  Clarity Sanderson
January 7, 2013 "The owner, Joni, is fabulous. She makes you feel very comfortable. The whole experience was very relaxing and pampering. Can't wait until my next appointment!" Groupon customer
December 29, 2012 "Comfortable atmosphere, very professional, excellent service, friendly and knowledgable. I would recommed to anyone who would like a wonderful body treatment. Good location." Groupon customer
December 8, 2012 "It was great, loved it.  I will be back." Groupon customer
December 8, 2012 "You should definitely pamper yourself with this sweet little spot.  It is also affordable so I can continue to go after my Groupon.  Just what I was looking for." Groupon customer
December 6, 2012 "Thank you so much. I felt like I slept for many hours while wrapped up nice and cozy!

I have copied my wife on here so she can see the link to the web site to schedule her appointment.

I'm sure I'll see you again!

Kyle C."
December 1, 2012 "By far the best Brazilian wax I have ever had!  Joni was very professional and did a great job!" by Living Social customer
November 20, 2012 "Joni was thoughtful, thorough, and knowledgeable.  She really listened to me and did a wonderful job.  This is one of the best waxes I have ever had, and I will return!" by Katie Currier, Living Social
November 11, 2012 "Hi Joni, just wanted to let you know how much I like the results of the enzyme facial last month.  My skin still feels hydrated and the texture is amazing!" Leigh Drake
November 10, 2012 "Joni was wonderful and I have scheduled other services with her since the first appointment.  I highly recommend her!" by Sheryl Olson, Living Social  
November 5, 2012 "Joni thank you. We are both very happy and satisfied. It was a pleasure to meet you. You made us both feel very comfortable and relaxed. Especially me. It wasn't near as painful or embarrassing as I had imagined. Dawn feels and looks like normal and I only have a slight bit of redness and tenderness. Thank you for seeing us together it made it easier. We will both be back in a few weeks. 
Thanks again." Mike

November 4, 2012 "Cozy, professional atmosphere.  Helpful and knowledgeable staff." by Christine Swenson, Living Social
November 3, 2012 "Joni was so knowledgeable and thorough!  She gave me GREAT information on caring for my skin, made herself available for questions I might have later on and gave the most comprehensive wax I have ever had.  Her space was beautiful and clean and inviting.  I have already made my first follow up appointment and will be recommending Silkface Skin & Body to anyone I know who gets waxing done." by Rebecca Zeff, Living Social

November 3, 2012 "Very Knowledgeable and thorough service.  She was great!" by Darling Mendoza, Living Social

October 31, 2012 "Joni was awesome!  Very professional, but also very personal.  I really enjoyed the experience and everything was better than I expected!  Great coupon to a great place." by Madeline Allnut, Living Social

October 30, 2012 "Thank you, Joni. I'm following your instructions re skin care. I learned a lot from you. I apologize for bringing in all that stress. It really struck me afterwards how out of balance my life must be at the moment to go into such a serene place like yours and not fully be present. Next time I think I'd like to try a facial. It's been a long while since I've had one and you impressed me with your in depth knowledge about all things skin. I like the products that you use also. Thank you again!" Tonya Moore
October 29, 2012 "The entire experience was great.  Joni works really hard to make you feel at ease. The space is calm and inviting." by Melissa Wyman, Living Social
October 13, 2012 "Joni,Thank you very much! I learned so much yesterday and look forward to getting treated by you every quarter, as my budget will allow :) I've also recommended you to a couple friends that were jealous of my facial. 

I have been considering trying a Brazilian wax sometime and I think the atmosphere and comfort that you provide is fantastic. I will definitely be coming to you for any services that you offer that I may need in the future! Thank you!

Have a great weekend!

October 11, 2012 "She made me so comfortable and took time to explain everything about the procedure and how to maintain great results. No one I've been to before has taken such good care me!" by Larissa Larson, Living Social

October 10, 2012 "great!" by Oxsana Stenerson, Living Social

October 9, 2012 "Joni was just wonderful. Easily the most caring and relaxed (and fun) Brazilian I've ever had. I love the women at Wax-On, but it always feels like I'm getting my business done in the back of a bar. Or a warehouse. Joni was very careful and caring, but also knowledgeable and professional. I'll be back!" by Carrie Kyser, Living Social

October 8, 2012 "Joni was really sweet, makes you feel really comfortable throughout the whole process, gives you all information you may need and answers any questions. Great experience from beg. to end!" by Ashley Veliz, Living Social

October 5, 2012 "Best Waxing Experience." by Sian Medway, Living Social

October 5, 2012 "Very professional, great with detail" by Val Stewart, Living Social

September 16, 2012 "I went to Joni yesterday for the first time for a brazilian.  Joni is so sweet, gentle, and you can tell that she really cares about the quality of work that she's doing.  There are many great advantages to going to Silkface: you can book appointments online, there are four different kinds of waxes to choose from (she will walk you through which one is the best option for you), and the biggest advantage is Joni herself. She was very thorough in her waxing and even had me check to make sure she didn't miss anything.  She made me feel very comfortable and really cared about how I was feeling.  She even encouraged me to call or text her to the next day if I had any skin reaction. (I have very sensitive skin.)  It's the next day now and I'm feeling and looking great!" by Olga V., Yelp, 5 out of 5 stars

September 8, 2012 "Joni was very comfortable and sweet and was very patient with my schedule request. I really appreciated her demeanor." by Groupon customer

September 1, 2012 "I felt so comfortable and relaxed! Amazing body wrap! I am definitely going to recommend Silkface to friends and family, and I am going to try and get back there as soon as possible!!! Thank you!" by Groupon customer

August 29, 2012 "My skin looks great today and feels good!  I'm going to recommend you to a few people."  Kevin Langeslay

August 26, 2012 "Thank you again for the wonderful facial and for all the information. I am extremely happy with whole experience, and I am starting to make changes to my skin care routine based on what I learned from you. I do have a question about buying products - can I do that online or should I come in and purchase them?



August 18, 2012 "I love Joni! She is amazing. I'm a regular client. She really listens to me every time I see her." by Groupon customer

August 15, 2012 "It was a wonderful experience!" by Groupon customer

August 9, 2012 "This is not a review about Joni, the technician, - I never received any services - but rather the ease of making an appointment and their responsiveness to phone messages.  I purchased a Groupon to be used the same day.  The deal suggested to call for an appointment.  The phone message, referred me to the website, which only had appointment slots two days away and the message, "for a same day appointment, please call us.".  Argh!  I phoned again, leaving a message this time, and after an hour had passed, stopped by to try to make an appointment.  (This place is difficult to find.)  Not only, was she unaware of my voice mail message, she had nothing available until mid-afternoon, which was disappointing, as the service I requested was a 15-minute service, tops.  (Living in NYC, I'm accustomed to being able to walk in and get my brows waxed with a minimal wait.)  Therefore, I was unable to use my Groupon, but will receive a refund. 
The business' communication needs to be improved, she needs a receptionist or additional technician OR she should not offer same-day Groupons."  by Brenna S., Yelp, 2 out of 5 stars 

Response by Joni on Yelp "Brenna, to be fair to you, you are right!  I was unavailable most of the morning due to being booked up with other clients.  I do work extended hours most days and there were several appointments available later in the day.  Unfortunately, coming back in the afternoon was not an option for you.  I am sorry, and I hope you will try my beautiful brow shaping service next time you make it to P-town. 
My business is designed "by appointment only" in order to provide excellent, personalized services to each client I work with.  If you are interested in quick, walk-in services, may I suggest some of the larger "chain" spas in town?"

August 6, 2012 "Nice little place off Hawthorne." by Groupon customer

August 6, 2012 "Joni is very warm and welcoming and explains the procedure and how it works.  Very relaxing and soothing experience." by Groupon customer

August 1, 2012 "I'm looking forward to my next appointment and wish I had money to come see you every week. You=wonderful. 

Thank YOU!!" Amy Dubin


June 12, 2012 "Joni did my waxing here and I just loved it. The heated reclining bench, the numbing spray, her fast but gentle work makes me a new-found, die hard fan. Everyone says their waxer is the best, but I've tried several salons now, and no one beats her. Incredible value too." by SarahSloane, Citysearch, 5 out of 5 stars

May 17, 2012 "I had found Silkface from a Merkpercs deal and went in for a Brazilian.  Joni made me feel right at home.  She's highly professional yet very friendly and it is clear that she loves her work and cares a lot about her customers.  I had a terrific experience with Joni and would recommend her highly for waxing.  I'm sure that her other services are equally fantastic and hope that I have the opportunity to try out more." by Stacey R., Yelp, 5 out of 5 stars

May 14, 2012 "Thank YOU for a great facial experience!  I have already told several friends how wonderful it was!  I will be back!" Mandy Groom Givler

May 14, 2012 "Actually Joni, you did a wonderful job for the four of us.  I'm looking forward to a facial. Thank you very much.  And, Happy Mother's Day again." Lynda Heller

May 5, 2012 "I really wanted a facial this past weekend but didn't know where to go. I researched some different chain spas/salons, but their reviews were horrible. I saw that Silkface had a great review and they were offering a free gift certificate if you buy one for your mom. So I went for it! I have acne prone skin and heard facials can help. I called Joni about the acne facial and she was extremely knowledgeable. She offered to work a little extra time into my facial for food and proper aftercare recommendations. She was so gentle and kind! I am usually embarrassed about my skin but she put me at ease. She explained every step and treatment. She only uses the highest quality organic products. I am so blessed to have found her! She explained what was irritating my skin and how to fix it. 2 days later and my skin is soft, acne faded and pores smaller. I can't wait to go back! She sent me home with a treatment plan and free samples, but never pushed me to buy the products. I highly recommend Joni!" by Lindsey K, Yelp, 5 out of 5 stars

April 7, 2012 "Thank you for your great service. My face feels soft and looks great!
I'll schedule my next service soon." Caitlin Meuel

March 7, 2012 "I cannot say enough good things about Joni. I have had my share of esthetic treatments through the years and I can honestly say that Joni is the best! She gives the most fantastic facials! From the moment you arrive you will feel completely comfortable and be well taken care of. She is truly a professional, taking the time to find out what your skin care needs are. She has a wealth of information and will explain what she is doing and how it will benefit your skin. You will leave your treatment feeling utterly relaxed and rejuvenated and your skin will feel and look marvelous! I highly recommend Joni for all your esthetic needs. You won't be disappointed!" by Rebecca N. at Yelp, 5 out of 5 stars

February 23, 2012 "Joni is super! I've been seeing her monthly for about a year now and she is really wonderful. Joni listens to what you have to say and  makes you feel relaxed every time. She cares about your overall health, not just your face. I usually get a brow tint, brow wax, and some type of facial; whether it be the express facial or the acne deep cleanse. It all feels great and my skin always appreciates it. Seeing Joni is a fabulous stress reliever. She pays attention to her product ingredient lists and won't use anything on you that she wouldn't use herself."  by April B. at Yelp, 5 out of 5 stars

February 12, 2012 "I've been a client of Joni's for over a year.  She is throughly professional, and her care and concern take a lot of the sting out of the waxing experience. She has a warm, engaging, attentive and soothing style that have always made me feel extremely comfortable. Honestly, I find appointments with Joni more relaxing and therapeutic than most therapy sessions."  by Russ L. at Yelp, 5 out of 5 stars

January 26, 2012 "Joni is very gentle and extremely talented! She creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere where you can relax and begin to feel better about your body-image and your self-esteem. Joni is very experienced and extremely re-assuring. You will be treated as an individual with your needs and preferences taken into account. She has a variety of natural products that she uses and is not afraid to experiment until she finds the best fit for you. She practices the holistic living that she provides to her clients. I have done full-body, Brazilian, eyebrows and other extensive waxing treatments and I have never been disappointed. My husband gives me great compliments every time I come home!" by Helena R at Yelp, 5 out of 5 stars

October 25, 2010 BEST BRAZILIAN BY JONI! "The thought of having a Brazilian wax has always scared me...But after talking with Joni about the procedure and the benefits of not shaving down there and the greater sensitivity and cleanliness...I was sold and wanted to give it a try.  The first time hurt like the dickens BUT!!! I just got cleaned up for my second try and it was nothing compared to the first time and in much less time.  Joni makes you feel very comfortable, and she will help you ease into the procedure as well as she can.  I never thought I'd be into this but the results are amazing.  She also does my brows as well and sculpts them beautifully.  Joni really knows her way around the bits!! Yea for a clean plate!!" By Jen P. at Citysearch, 5 out of 5 stars (Fancy Salon)

September 28, 2010 "Joni's anti-aging facial was amazing, with top-notch natural products.  I got so much in addition to the luxurious, comprehensive treatment for my face; extensive information, thorough attention to my skin's needs, lymphatic massage, and an arm and hand massage.  You're so relaxed you'll be near sleep the whole time you're wrapped up in her cocoon-like chair.  In her expert and nurturing care, you come out feeling not just pampered, but truly attended to.  By the way, she runs some amazing specials, and although Joni knew I had snagged a half price deal, she in no way skimped on the service." By Stacy G. at Yelp, 5 out of 5 stars (Fancy Salon)

June 17, 2010 "Joni was SO awesome!  I came in for a lash tint, foot soak & facial.  She has some amazing deals right now, so snag them while they are available!  Her facial room was extremely relaxing and I felt well cared for in her hands.  She was very patient with my unknowledgeable questions about skin care, and NEVER made me feel rushed even once during my visit....I will definitely be back!!!" By Aleasha G. at Yelp, 4 out of 5 stars (Fancy Salon)

June 13, 2010 "Great experience.  I got an express facial from Joni and she was excellent.  She was very knowledgeable and professional.  I will definitely be back!" by Rebecca B. at Yelp, 5 out of 5 stars (Fancy Salon)